MDP to DVI Connectivity Kit – Active Mini DisplayPort to HDM Converter with 1.8m HDMI to DVI Cable

This Mini DisplayPort connectivity kit gives you everything you need to connect your Mini DisplayPort-equipped computer (mDP) to your DVI monitor up to 1.8m away.

This two-component kit includes an active mDP to HDMI® converter (MDP2HD4KS), as well as an 1.8m HDMI to DVI adapter cable (HDMIDVIMM6), which you can use together to establish a smooth mDP to DVI connection. The perfect accessory for any of your MacBook® or Microsoft® Surface ™ Pro devices equipped with Mini DisplayPort.

Create a solution for shared office environments, placed on your desk / table, by connecting your MacBook, Surface Pro or Ultrabook ™ equipped with mDP to a DVI display
Take this mDP to HDMI adapter with you to your laptop, for use in BYOD office environments (Bring your own device)

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