Triple head Mini DisplayPort external video adapter to DVI HDMI and DP converter

The MDP2DPDVHD multifunction adapter for Mini DisplayPort® to DisplayPort®, DVI or HDMI® converts a Mini DisplayPort (mDP®) input into DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI output signals, all using a single compact adapter.

This multifunction adapter offers the unique ability to connect any monitor to a PC or Mac equipped with Mini DisplayPort, which offers the perfect solution for business environments that have a mix of hardware devices, as well as avoiding having to buy new monitors that are compatible. The Mini DisplayPort Adapter is the perfect accessory for any of your MacBook® or Microsoft® Surface ™ Pro devices with Mini DisplayPort.

Because it is a “Plug-and-Play” solution that requires no software or drivers, this versatile mDP adapter allows for quick and easy installation which is very convenient.

Ideal for digital entertainment centers, home offices, conference rooms, and exhibitions
Allows you to use existing DVI, HDMI®, or DisplayPort® monitors with a new mini DisplayPort® device
Perfect for IT professionals who need to connect mixed screen hardware to computers equipped with mini DisplayPort.

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