Startech MCHD2VGAA2

External Adapter Cable Micro HDMI to VGA Video and Audio Converter – 1920×1200

The Micro HDMI® to VGA video adapter MCHD2VGAA2 allows you to connect a smartphone or tablet (whose content is transferred via a Micro HDMI connector) to an imaging device with VGA available (TV, monitor, projector), as well as an output of 2-channel discrete analog audio from Micro HDMI® source. The adapter is aimed at users who need to view their presentations, documents, or spreadsheets on a VGA monitor or projector.

This versatile adapter supports 1080p for HDTV connections and up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA) in the case of VGA monitors for computers.

Connecting a smartphone or tablet to a VGA projector or monitor in a boardroom, hotel lounge, office, or home.

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