Startech IESC1G50UP-Best Price In India

5 Port Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch Heavy Duty PoE Unmanaged GbE PoE + IP30 (IESC1G50UP)

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This 5-port Gigabit PoE industrial switch (4 PoE ports) includes 30W of power and is designed for installation in extreme environments, as well as being compatible with a total of 120W of nominal power (outputs).

For demanding environments where fiber optic connections are not required
Using Cat 5e (or better) Ethernet cabling, this Ethernet switch provides up to 30W of PSE power per PoE port (PSE) to IEEE 802.3af (PoE / Type 1) and IEEE 802.3 Powered Devices (PD). at (PoE + / Type 2), such as:

Wi-Fi access points
High total power balance, with a high number of PoE ports, with a maximum of 30W per port, up to a maximum of 120W. Power provided in order of device connection; Maximum four 802.3at devices (30W, 120W total), at any one time.

Truly industrial quality for devices that will be exposed to extreme conditions
Industrial Features Included:

Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 75 ° C
IP-30 category box
Has undergone standard vibration, shock and free fall tests
This Ethernet switch supports additional features such as redundant power inputs, 2kV shock protection on RJ45 ports, 600,000+ hour MTBF (Telcordia / Bellcore) at 50 ° C, for long-term reliability.

Flexible and easy-to-implement solution
Includes DIN rail or wall mounting hardware for immediate connection. This unique power adapter, with barrel connector, allows the use of conventional wall adapters, instead of wired connection, and the alarm relay can be integrated into any solution.

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