Startech IES1G52UP12V-Best Price In India

Industrial Ethernet Gigabit Switch Switch 6 Ports – 4x RJ45 PoE – 2 SFP PoE + Slots of 30W 12-48VDC DIN (IES1G52UP12V)

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Easily deploy or scale your network using this Gigabit Ethernet switch, which includes four dedicated PoE + enabled ports, a dedicated open SFP slot, as well as the flexibility of an open RJ-45 / SFP port for uplink or appliance use. no PoE. Includes IP-30 box, compact design and wall or DIN rail mounting.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and low voltage
Ideal for powering PoE devices in cases where conventional power is not available; It supports low power such as 12V DC, for applications related to transportation (car / bus / train) and solar energy. PoE power rating is extended by PoE / PoE + standards (IEEE 802.3af / at, 55V), in applications where non-standard 12V (or higher) power supplies are available.

With a total power balance of 120W, this PSE Ethernet switch provides up to 30W of power per PoE port to Powered Devices (PD) compliant with IEEE 802.3af (PoE / Type 1) and IEEE 802.3at (PoE + / Type 2) standards. , for example:

Wi-Fi access points
Uses Cat 5e (or higher category) Ethernet network cabling.

Low voltage and power input flexibility
Flexibility of power inputs, between 12/24/48 / 56V DC, as well as low voltage DC inputs, reduce installation complexities by preventing additional in-line devices from extending power before it reaches the switch .

This unique switch allows 5x active RJ-45 (4x PoE) ports and 1 SFP, or 4x RJ-45 (all PoE) and 2 SFP, for a total of 6 device connections.

Designed for environments under extreme conditions
Industrial strength features include: -40 C to 75 C operating temperatures, IP-30 rated enclosure, standard vibration, shock and free fall testing.

Vibrations: EN 60068-2-6
Impacts: EN 60068-2-27
Free falls: EN 60068-2-32
Includes aluminum exterior heatsink, which offers better passive cooling; MTBF rating of 600,000+ hours, via Telcordia / Bellcore, at 50C, which means long-term reliability.

Dual power input
Dual power input offers redundancy. Supports dual terminal block power, allowing the product to be wired from multiple power sources for applications requiring high availability.

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