Startech HSB4SATSASBA-Best Price In India

Backplane Mobile Rack with 4 3.5 “Hot Swap Bays without SAS SATA Tray – Hot Swap

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The 4 removable drive backplane, model HSB4SATSASBA, makes it easy and fast to insert and remove your disk drives by converting three 5.25 “bays into a hot-swap interface that allows you to connect up to four hard drives (HDD) 3.5 “SATA or SAS.

For added versatility, the hot-swap bay can connect to SATA I / II / III and SAS I / II hard drives – an ideal solution for enterprise system applications.

For a fast and secure method of installing and removing drives, the backplane includes removal buttons and a security lock design with a key lock. To avoid drive failure, the bay has excellent heat dissipation through a built-in fan and an aluminum case with ventilation slots.

Mirrors: For new versions or system configurations, use the hot-swap bay on the main system to copy the Windows operating system to multiple empty hard drives
Adding a hot-swap bay to a server or workstation, which can be used as a removable backup solution
Computing environments where fast disk drive insertion / replacement is required without using an external hard drive cage.

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