Startech HDMM1MLS

1m HDMI Cable with Security Screw – 4K 60Hz HDR – High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable for Monitor with Lock Connector for Secure Connections – HDMI Cable with Ethernet – M / M

This 1 meter HDMI® cable, with removable safety screw on one of the male connectors, guarantees “premium” video quality, greater reliability and ease of connection.

The cable offers high HDMI signal retention, as it has a connector with locking screw at the top, with a slot that attaches securely to a wide range of HDMI female ports compatible with this screw. This prevents accidental disconnections and signal loss.

Easy installation

The safety screw connector on the top includes a built-in slot that helps you adjust the spacing between the screw and the HDMI connector. The screwed design at the top allows you to remove the screw from its slot and, to also use the cable as a conventional one.

The striated head of the screw allows it to be easily screwed on and unscrewed, without tools, as well as disconnecting the cable, and ensures that it is securely connected to the female port when tightened manually.

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