Startech HDMIMM10FL

High Speed HDMI Cable with 3m Flat Ethernet -2x HDMI Male – Ultra HD 4k x 2k – Black

The HDMI® High Speed Flat Cable (3 meters), HDMIMM10FL offers support for the advanced features of the High Definition Multimedia Interface, including Ethernet data interconnectivity with HDMI-equipped devices. The cable has a flat shaft design that makes it the ideal solution for installations embedded in the wall or under carpets or along plinths.

This high quality HDMI cable fully supports resolutions of 1080p + up to 120 Hz scanning frequency, with real colors. To meet the demands of the high-definition devices of the future, such as higher resolutions and frame rates, our Ultra HD cable can support image resolutions up to 4k x 2k.

Connect HDMI®-enabled devices such as LCD TVs, LCD projectors, plasmas, HDTVs, and DVD players
Allows you to connect multiple devices with an Internet connection (satellite receivers, DVD players, A / V receivers, HDTVs, and video game consoles, among others)
This quick-connect HDMI cable replaces the need to use multiple audio and video cables, thus reducing clutter and inconvenience, in addition to its flat cable design enabling its installation under carpets or recessed in the wall.

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