Startech HDDVIMM3

91cm HDMI to DVI-D cable – M to M

The 91cm HDMI® to DVI-D cable, model HDDVIMM3, allows you to connect a video card (or any other DVI-D source) to a screen that incorporates HDMI technology. The cable also supports two-way signal flow, which also allows you to deliver signal from an HDMI source to a DVI display.

A valuable addition to any digital signage, multimedia or home theater application, this high-performance cable is designed to provide the best picture quality, via HDMI or DVI connections.

Compatible with LCD TVs with HDMI / DVI, LCD Projectors, Plasma TVs, HDTVs, DVD Players and Cable Decoders
Connecting a DVI-D output device (video card, etc.) to an HDMI-compatible monitor / screen
Connect an HDMI output device (video card, etc.) to a DVI-D compatible monitor / screen.

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