Startech HD2VGAE2

HDMI to VGA HD15 Video Converter Adapter – Converter Cable – 1920×1200 – 1080p

The HDMI® to VGA Adapter / Converter, HD2VGAE2 allows you to convert the HDMI signal from a laptop, ultrabook, or desktop computer to an HD15 VGA projector or screen while saving the cost of upgrading your monitor to an HDMI-compatible one. This HDMI to VGA converter is intended to output user-generated content, such as working papers and presentations. This adapter can also increase your productivity by extending your computer’s desktop to a secondary monitor, doubling your workspace.

With support for resolutions up to 1080p (1920×1200) and no need to use external power adapters, this HDMI® to VGA HD15 active adapter offers a compact and portable solution.

Are you looking for an HDMI to VGA converter for your Chromebook? Use the HD2VGAMICRO.

Connect HDMI-enabled devices such as laptops, ultrabooks, or desktop computers to a projector or VGA display.

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