Startech ET91000LCOAM

Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter with Managed OAM – LC 550m Multimode – 802.3ah

The managed fiber optic media converter, model ET91000LCOAM, allows you to extend a Gigabit Ethernet connection over LC multimode fiber optic, with the added benefit of manageability.

Compliant with the 802.3ah OAM (Operations, Administration & Management) standard, this managed media converter incorporates an easy-to-use interface for operation, administration and maintenance to quickly determine the location of the link failures and the conditions causing the failures, without having to send technical personnel to the place where the device is located.

Efficient solution for connecting Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) networks to remote network segments, through a fiber optic base (1000Base-LX / SX), this Ethernet to fiber optic converter supports Gigabit at full speed, over distances up to 550 m, through LC SFP multimode fiber optic. It also includes an all-steel chassis, for durability in extreme environments.

For added versatility, this fiber optic converter supports standalone operation, or installation in a 20-slot ETCHS2U (ETCHS2U), as well as an MSA-compliant SFP slot.

Provides connectivity to a user or network segment located in an isolated area of ​​a large complex or in another building
Perfect for secure connections such as those required by government agencies, where EMI interference is not permissible
Allows you to extend network connectivity in remote areas of stadiums, auditoriums or other venues.

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