Startech ET90110WDM2

WDM Single Mode 10/100 to SC Fiber Media Converter Ethernet Extender Kit Kit – 20km

The WDM 10/100 Mbps SC (20km) Single Mode Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter Kit, ET90110WDM2 allows you to extend a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection over a single mode fiber to distances up to 20 km (12.4 miles).

The converter offers Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) that enables bi-directional communication over a single fiber strand by doubling the capacity of your existing fiber infrastructure without having to install new cabling.

The WDM Fiber Ethernet Kit includes both terminals (two interchangeable modules) – a simple solution for connecting 10 / 100Base-T networks to remote locations using SC terminated single mode fiber. In addition, the Ethernet to Fiber converter offers a steel chassis and simple plug-and-play installation, requiring minimal configuration.

For added versatility, this fiber media converter supports stand-alone operation or single- or double-sided installation in a 20-Slot 2U Rackmount Chassis (ETCHS2U).

Provides connectivity to a user or network segment located in an isolated area of ​​a large complex or in another building
Suitable for environments such as government agencies, where preventive security measures are required to avoid threats (network interception, etc.)
Allows you to connect traffic monitoring / control systems at great distances from the main office.

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