Startech ET90110SC2

Ethernet Media Converter 10/100 Mbps to Fiber Multi Mode SC Connector -2km

The 10/100 Mbps (2 km) SC Multimode Fiber Media Converter, ET90110SC2 allows you to extend a Fast Ethernet (10 / 100Mbps) network over multimode fiber to distances of up to 2 km (1.2 miles).

It is an efficient and economical solution that allows a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (10 / 100Base-T) network to be connected to remote network segments through a 100Base-FX fiber backbone. This media converter is designed to provide a durable and convenient Ethernet to fiber solution by offering a steel chassis and simple plug-and-play installation requiring minimal setup.

For added versatility, this fiber media converter supports standalone operation or installation in the 20-Slot 2U Rackmount Chassis (ETCHS2U).

Provides connectivity to a user or network segment located in an isolated area of ​​a large complex or in another building
Perfect for security environments such as those required by government agencies where EMI interference is not permissible
Allows you to connect traffic monitoring / control systems at great distances from the main office.

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