Startech ET10GSFP

10 Gigabit Copper to Fiber Ethernet Media Converter – Managed – with Open SFP +

This 10GbE fiber optic media converter allows you to scale your network, using the 10Gb SFP + transceiver that best suits the type and distance requirements of your network. It is an inexpensive way to convert transmission over copper to fiber optic or vice versa, plus it easily adapts to a number of 10Gb network infrastructures.

The 10G fiber optic converter offers fast and reliable network access over longer distances than copper-based networks allow, ideal for server rooms or workstations in remote areas or remote buildings.

Expand your high-speed network to longer distances
This high performance fiber optic media converter integrates seamlessly into a variety of 10 Gigabit networks. And since the card supports up to 10Gbps of transmission, it allows you to quickly bridge traditional 10Gb networks based on copper cables (RJ45), over long distances, using a fiber optic cable.

Now you can transfer large files and access high-bandwidth multimedia content, even in remote locations.

Use the most suitable SFP + transceiver for you
With an open SFP + slot, the 10GbE media converter adapts to your network connection and distance requirements. Also, as it is compatible with most Fiber Transceivers, it offers more possibilities for connecting devices and users to your network. Since the network converter is compatible with a wide range of transceivers, it is ideal for dynamic and high-performance data centers.

Simple way to diagnose and manage a network
The 10 Gigabit fiber optic media converter offers built-in management functionality to quickly and efficiently manage and customize your network configuration through the local serial console port.

Future-proof your network
If your existing network consists of copper RJ45 cables and devices, you may not be ready for future network expansions. Since newer models of fiber optic-based network switches generally include SFP + ports instead of RJ45 ports, you may need a converter to bridge the network transmission over copper cable and over fiber optic cable. .

This versatile fiber optic media converter is the perfect way to add users and devices to your network, now or in the future, as well as to interface between your copper and fiber optic transmission media.

Open Gigabit SFP slot that allows you to customize your distance or connection mode using virtually any MSA-compliant transceiver
Transmit at the full speed of a 10 Gigabit network to remote areas, over longer distances than copper cable (RJ45) allows
Use fiber optic cable to extend or bridge your network to a different building.

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