Startech ECUSB3S22

2-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard / 34 Adapter Card with UASP

The two-port USB 3.0 ExpressCard, model ECUSB3S22, lets you add 2 SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 ports to an ExpressCard-equipped computer system, thanks to the compact 34mm design that fits into both 34mm and 54mm slots, plus of adjacent ports that allow easy access.

Enhanced with support for UASP (USB Connected SCSI Protocol), this USB 3.0 controller performs 70% better than conventional USB 3.0 when paired with an External Drive Enclosures (Note: UASP requires a supported operating system). Since it uses a more efficient protocol than the traditional USB BOT (“Bulk-Only Transport”) protocol, UASP technology optimizes transfers by allowing multiple commands to be processed simultaneously, significantly increasing speeds. transfer for less waiting time in data transfers. For more details, see the UASP test results below.

The USB 3.0 format supports data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps (10 times faster than USB 2.0) and is capable of providing more power per port, supporting more powerful and faster devices. Also, this ExpressCard adapter is backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.x and therefore all previous generation USB devices that are plugged in will work.

Improved performance with UASP
Supports UASP on Windows® 8 and Server 2012. In tests, UASP performed with up to 70% faster read speed and 40% faster write speed, compared to maximum USB performance 3.0 conventional.

At the same full performance capabilities, UASP tests also showed up to an 80% reduction in required processor resources.

Test results were obtained using an Intel® Ivy Bridge system, StarTech.com USB 3.0 expansion cards, a StarTech.com box with available UASP, and a SATA III solid state drive.

Useful for laptop users looking to extend the life of their older mobile computers by adding USB 3.0 connectivity
Add expansion capabilities to your laptop with additional USB ports
For professionals or home users looking to expand the capabilities of their laptops with high performance USB 3.0 external storage devices for storing videos / images / etc. Large size.

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