DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with USB Sound – Passive Converter Cable

The DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with USB Audio, DP2HDMIUSBA is an efficient and economical solution that allows you to connect an HDTV with HDMI capability to a device with DisplayPort output, eliminating the cost of upgrading the TV for compatibility reasons. Compact in design, the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter requires minimal space and is powered via a USB connection so you don’t need an external power supply or outlet. Simply insert the built-in USB and DisplayPort connectors into your PC or Mac®, and use the length of HDMI cable needed to connect your TV / monitor. The analog audio signal passes through the HDMI connection, providing the accompanying video and audio signals via a single HDMI cable. The DP2HDMIUSBA is a passive adapter that requires a DP ++ port (DisplayPort ++), which means that DVI and HDMI signals can also pass through the port.

Ideal for digital entertainment centers, home offices, conference rooms and exhibitions
Allows you to use your existing HDMI monitor with DisplayPort output devices
Allows you to transfer audio / video content from a DisplayPort-capable PC or Mac to A / V devices (HDTV or receiver) to maximize the display area and enhance sound.

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