Startech DP2HDMI

DisplayPort to HDMI Video Adapter – DP Converter – 1920×1200 – Passive

The StarTech.com DisplayPort® to HDMI® Adapter allows you to connect a video display with an available HDMI port to a DisplayPort video source (for example, DisplayPort graphics cards, etc.), eliminating the need to upgrade your monitor. to one compatible with DisplayPort.

This adapter supports resolutions up to 1920×1200, allowing you to take full advantage of HDMI video capability.

DP2HDMI is a passive adapter cable that requires a DP ++ port (DisplayPort ++), which means that DVI and HDMI signals can also be routed through the port.

This adapter allows audio transfer if supported by the video source. See the video source manual to confirm compatibility.

Perfect for screens of digital entertainment centers, home offices, conference rooms, fairs and exhibitions
It allows you to keep your older HDMI monitor and use it with your new DisplayPort device
Ideal for using your HDMI monitor as a secondary display.

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