Startech DP2DVID2

DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter – DP ++ Converter – Dual Link – Active

The DP2DVID2 DisplayPort® to DVI (Dual Link) Adapter actively converts the output signal of a DisplayPort video source so that it can be used on a projector, or on a screen or DVI-D monitor, which avoids having to spend on upgrading the DVI monitor to a more modern model that is compatible.

The adapter supports high-resolution video signals (up to 2560×1600 at 60Hz) and maintains the outstanding graphics performance of Windows or MacBook® laptop graphics cards.

The DP2DVID2 adapter performs an active conversion between DisplayPort signal and DVI signal, which is suitable for video sources with multimode (DP ++) or single-mode DisplayPort output signals. This ensures that the adapter can be used even with graphics cards with no DP ++ output signal available, such as ATI® Eyefinity cards.

Ideal for larger format screens that use high-resolution DVI with Dual-Link connectivity
It allows you to keep your older DVI monitor and use it with your new DisplayPort device
Ideal for using your DVI monitor as a secondary display.

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