Docking Station USB-C con HDMI y VGA – para Mac y Windows -3x USB 3.0 – SD / micro SD – PD 3.0 – Adaptador USB C a USB 3.0.

Turn your USB-C ™ equipped laptop into a mobile workstation. This compact USB-C multiport adapter makes it easy for you to connect your MacBook Pro or Windows laptop to an HDMI or VGA monitor. Enjoy power throughout your work day, thanks to three USB 3.0 (Type-A) ports with “Fast-Charge”, SD ™ and microSD ™ card slots, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.


  Create a mobile workstation, connected to an HDMI or VGA monitor

  Make presentations by connecting an HDMI monitor in a boardroom or classroom

  Connect to Gigabit Internet when Wi-Fi® is not available.

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