Startech DKT30CHPD

USB-C Multiport Adapter with 4K HDMI- 2x USB-A Ports – 60W PD – Black.

This stylish USB-C to HDMI multiport adapter combines the capacity of three single-function adapters into a portable docking station for your laptop. You get the functionality of a USB-C to USB, USB-C to Ethernet, and USB-C 4K HDMI adapter, all in one portable solution.

And since it supports 60W of power delivery over USB 2.0, it is possible to power both the adapter and charge the laptop at the same time.


  Connect to an external HDMI monitor for multitasking work

  Present through an HDMI TV or projector, in a boardroom or classroom

  Connect to an HDMI TV in a shared office or temporary office environment.

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