Startech DKT30CHCPD

Adaptador Multipuertos USB-C con HDMI 1xA – Docking Station Portátil USB Tipo C con 4K y HDMI – 1xC – PD 3.0 de 100W Pass-Through – para Laptop Thunderbolt 3 y USB C – para Mac y Windows.

Here’s a USB-C adapter for your MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, or other USB-C ™ equipped laptop, with all the ports you need for maximum productivity. The USB-C with HDMI Multiport Adapter turns your laptop into a portable workstation, with 4K video outputs, Gigabit Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports, and 3.0 power delivery laptop charging.


  Connect to a 4K HDMI monitor, ideal for meetings and presentations

  When traveling or on the go, use a TV equipped with an HDMI port in a hotel room as an external display.

  Power the adapter and your laptop via USB-C, using your laptop’s power adapter.

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