Multi-Directional D-Ring for Cable Management in Rack Cabinets – 6x10cm

The CMHOOKMW Multi-Directional Vertical Cable Management D-Ring lets you add a cable hook (inside or outside facing) to a server rack or shelf to create an organized cable channel. This product meets the requirements of the US federal TAA (Trade Agreements Act), which allows government purchases from the GSA Program.

The cable management D-ring is made of high quality steel and measures 6 x 10 cm. For flexible mounting options, it includes a right angle mounting bracket, with 2 sets of mounting holes, allowing the D-ring to be positioned in the most convenient direction for the application. By avoiding the strain of bundled cables, multiple cable rings can be used in the rack, where needed, as a versatile cable management solution.

Ideal for organizing structured wiring closets and network distribution cables
Use in server racks and cabinets to keep cables neat and clean.

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