1U 19 Inch Horizontal Cabling Management Panel for Server Rack Cabinets – with D-Rings – Cabling Manager for Server or Network Equipment Rack – Horizontal Panel with Perforations and Mounting Hardware for Datacenter – EIA / ECA-310 -AND

This server rack cable management panel keeps your cables bundled and routed, so your rack space is neater. The 1U cable manager includes a mix of D-ring hooks and pass-through holes that allow you to route cables to and from your equipment, through the panel and through the hooks.

Easily organize your cables to more easily manage your server rack
The rack’s cable management panel makes it easy to organize cables from either the rear or the front of the rack. Includes five D-ring hooks conveniently positioned for use vertically or horizontally as a fixation and guide for cable harnesses. To bundle and route cables through the panel, the cable manager also has holes designed to allow cables to be routed in or out of your rack.

Its 1U design saves U space
This cable management panel saves rack space, thanks to its 1U design. Despite the panel’s low profile, it allows for quite a bit of cable management, through the combination of five D-ring style hooks and four cable holes.

Protect your equipment
Routing your cables through a panel reduces the strain that often occurs on equipment ports, preventing damage to your expensive rack-mounted devices. Properly routing cables improves air circulation, which passively cools the devices installed in your rack, which in turn helps keep equipment operating at optimum temperature and reduces the chances of damage from overheating of your rack .

Note: The power cables may not fit through the holes in this panel.

Run cabling on one side of your rack to improve air circulation
Keep all your rack-mounted equipment accessible.

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