Startech ARMUNONB1

Laptop Desktop Support Arm – Articulated Arm for Laptop or 34 Inch Monitor – VESA Laptop Mounting Bracket – Adjustable Ergonomic Stand

This laptop arm and desk / table mount allows you to elevate the laptop above the desk / table and place it more ergonomically and increase your productivity. Alternatively, it is possible to install a monitor up to 34 “(16: 9 or 21: 9) in size. The monitor / laptop arm supports a weight of up to 8kg, offers cable management system, height adjustments via a touch / spring, along the 31cm mast, with a total extension of 56cm from the surface of the desk / table.

Create an ergonomic configuration
This monitor arm that supports full movement allows you to extend, tilt and rotate the monitor and the laptop with a wide range of movements, along several axes, with height adjustments by means of a spring, to carry out effortlessly the position changes. It facilitates the creation of an ergonomic work environment tailored to your specific needs.

The monitor arm is perfect for small work environments, such as cubicles, as it allows you to have everything you need on hand in a small space.

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