Smart Keeper CSK-OM10-Best Price in India

Smart Keeper CSK-OM10-Link On

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Thanks to the Smart Keeper Link On, a non-removable USB flash drive, you can be assured that, once the drive is inserted, no one but your authorized representative is able to take those files away, substitute unwanted ones, or insert yet another device that might be a carrier of disruption and disorder.

Key NOT included

Requires one Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional for removal.


  • The Smart Keeper Link On is a non-removable USB flash drive for all public areas.
  • This non-removable USB flash drive is safe from external influences and cannot be stolen.
  • This non-removable USB flash drive makes it possible to play content on image output devices (monitors, TVs, projectors, public displays) in public areas.
  • The non-removable USB flash drive can be locked and unlocked easily via the security key.
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