Smart Keeper NL03PK-Best Price in India

Smart Keeper NL03PK-RJ45 Port Locks with Key

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Smart Keeper RJ45 Port Lock 10 NL03PK

RJ45 Port Lock 10EA + Lock Key Basic 1EA

The Smart Keeper RJ45 Port Locks with Key is a physical cybersecurity device that prevents unauthorized connection to an unused RJ45 Ethernet port.

  • Bundle: 10 locks with one key.
  • Easy to Use: It can be installed by hand.
  • Various Patterns: Multiple color patterns are available.
  • All-Purpose Key: A common key can be used to unlock 10 different products within the Essential Series.
  • Enhanced Security: It fully inserts into a network port for enhanced security.
  • First in the Market: Full line-up of innovative physical cybersecurity solution.
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