Kensington K66638WW

ClickSafe 2.0 Keyed Padlock for Wedge Slots

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Strong padlock head
The 10mm padlock head secures wedge slot devices with the reliable protection only Kensington can guarantee. The padlock head accommodates fine devices, allowing them to remain in full contact with flat surfaces.

Hidden Pin ™ Technology
It offers flexible compatibility with all Kensington 5mm key systems, including MicroSaver® 2.0 and ClickSafe® 2.0 locks, so you can take advantage of Kensington custom key solutions throughout your organization. Compatible with Kensington’s proven anti-theft Hidden Pin ™ technology, the Dell Keyed Device Lock offers protection and flexibility.

Carbon steel cable
Offering the same level of cut and theft resistance as thicker cables, the plastic-coated carbon steel cable offers security and more mobility with 1 meter of cable.

Swivel and oscillating cable
The fully swivel cord offers greater freedom of movement by eliminating awkward angles, and allows you to insert the key with ease.

Verified and tested
Engineered to rigorous third-party specifications and standards for torque / removal, foreign tools, padlock life, key strength, and other environmental conditions

Register & Retrieve ™
Kensington’s online key registration program enables fast, secure and easy key replacement in the event of loss or theft.

Strong padlock head perfectly fits Dell wedge slot notebooks and tablets
The ClickSafe® Security Anchor installs in the industry-standard Kensington security slot or wedge slot. So the ClickSafe padlock head can be attached with a single click and one hand, providing an unprecedented combination of security and convenience for increased employee compliance.
Hidden Pin ™ technology is compatible with all the latest Kensington padlocks and includes a patented lock, and it’s all part of our rugged 5mm custom key management solutions that include master key (K66639EUM), key to the supervisor (K66639EUS), and identical key (K66639EUL)
Carbon steel cable is cut-resistant and anchors to desk, table, or any fixed structure
Swivel and Oscillating Cord Provides Superior Attachment to Laptop
Verified and tested to leading industry standards for torque/extraction, foreign tools, padlock life, corrosion, key strength, and other environmental conditions
Register & Retrieve ™ program offers free, secure cloud-based key replacement.

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