Kensington K64663US

ClickSafe® Master Keyed Lock – On Demand

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How do I order Master Access On Demand Locks?
Ordering is a simple 3 step process. ** 1. * Order your On Demand Locks from Kensington.com or your IT Reseller. We will ship you locks with individual user keys so you can use them immediately. ** 2. * Order your Master Key at www.kensington.com/OnDemandKey. We’ll send a Master Key to you and create an On Demand Account for authorization of future orders. ** 3. * Upon delivery of your locks, register your key codes and your Master Key code at www.kensington.com/Register&Retrieve for safekeeping.

How do I order Master Access On-Demand Locks?
Register & Retrieve ™ Online Lock Management
Keeping track of your locks and keys is easy with Register & Retrieve ™. Register & Retrieve ™ is our online management tool is specifically designed with organizations in mind. Register your locks and you’ll be able to order replacement keys, organize your locks into groups and share administration access with your trusted peers.

Register & Retrieve ™ Online Lock Management
Security in one step-simplified design protects computers with a click **
Watch employee compliance rates rise! ClickSafe makes security effortless **
Tamper-proof disk-style lock combined with superior materials provide near-impenetrable protection **
Super-strong engineered steel cable is slim, while providing exceptional physical security **
Attaches to laptop via the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of computers **
Ships with two user keys per lock. Master keys available separately at www.kensington.com/ondemandkey
TAA Compliant

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