Contour Unimouse

Unimouse is the only fully adjustable mouse designed to perfectly fit your hand.

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We designed the Unimouse to provide four key adjustable features with unlimited positions to accommodate any
hand size. Our focus was to increase productivity while allowing you to work safely and comfortably. The Unimouse
encourages constant exploration of posture with infinite adjustable combinations.
On your first day of use, we recommend selecting a position for your Unimouse that is similar to the alignment of your
current vertical mouse. If you use a one-handed horizontal mouse, we recommend positioning your Unimouse at the
lowest tilt. We also suggest making small adjustments to the thumb support before changing the angle of your mouse.


1 Plug cable into your computer’s USB port
2 Turn Switch to “On” (located on the bottom of the base)
3 Keep Unimouse in normal workspace area for optimal functionality
Battery Life Indicator
Tap the DPI Button once. The indicator lights will first flash your DPI setting followed by the battery level of
the mouse.

Charging Instructions

To charge your Unimouse remove the USB to Micro USB connector from your cable. Plug the USB end of
your cable into your computer. Plug the Micro USB end into the Unimouse. To use the mouse while charging plug
your dongle into an open USB port on the computer. Your Unimouse will charge in 4 hours. We recommend
charging your Unimouse once a month based on average daily office use. Your charging cable will come
connected to your USB to Micro USB extender. This will maximize reception of your Unimouse and minimize
interference from other wireless devices in your environment.

Adjusting the DPI Settings

Adjust the DPI settings by pressing the DPI Button in sequence. This will incrementally change the DPI
setting to fit your preferred sensitivity. The total DPI range of the Unimouse is 800-2800 DPI.


– Tilt Adjustment (min. angle 35°, max angle 70°, total adjustable range 35°)
– Thumb Extension (max thumb extension 8mm)
– Thumb Rest (max thumb rotation 36° from center)
– Thumb Length (shift range 14.5mm)

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