Contour Roller Mouse Free3

A RollerMouse is designed to sit in front of your keyboard and relies on our patented Rollerbar to control the cursor.  Contact us on and Call: +91-9205161813

RollerMouse Free3, unlike a traditional mouse, sits in front of your keyboard instead of to the left or right. This placement eliminates the need for reaching for the mouse and will greatly reduce unnecessary muscle activity in your arms, shoulders, and neck. RollerMouse Free3 has a more gradual wrist rest than our other RollerMouse lines, making it the perfect option for those with medium or large hands that work from their desktop.

A modern upgrade to the Free2, the Free3 brings you the same ergonomic design and quality, with the added
benefits of more speed, more buttons, better precision and optional wireless technology.

Natural feel, natural movement. An advanced sensor
located underneath the rollerbar allows for more precise
cursor movements without changing the feel.
Speed without compromise. RollerMouse Free3 offers
greater cursor speed selection than its predecessor.
Ten speeds range between 600 and 2800 dpi, allowing
the cursor to move quicker and easier across multiple
monitors or large screens.

Usability. RollerMouse Free3 sports more padding
with its new built-in wrist rest for increased comfort.
The fully open, more stable roller bar allows for more
room to move with 14 “of bar access, which is our most
spacious yet. Free3 is ideal for a variety of hand and
body sizes and combines flawlessly with laptops for any

Width——————————————- 19.25 in
Depth——————————————- 4.75 in
Height—————————————— 0.9 in
Cursor Speed———————————- 600-2800 dpi
Connection————————————-Wired cable or wireless
Power source———————————- USB charger (wireless)
Driver needed———————————-No
Customizable Buttons————————-Yes (TBA)
Warranty————————————— 2 years from date of purchase
Compatibility———————————- Mac and PC

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