Contour Shuttle

The Shuttle is a macro hub that can be used in combination with your keyboard and mouse.

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The Perfect Companion

Contour Shuttle is the perfect companion for audio, video, and photo
applications on your Mac or PC. Designed to enhance productivity, the sleek design
of the Shuttle is pre-configured to work with many of today’s multimedia
applications. Working in partnership with your mouse or graphics tablet, this is a
perfect marriage of form and function.

Key Features

Aluminum jog dial
Shuttle features a high-quality, metal jog dial that brings accuracy to your
timeline scrubbing.

Rubberized Shuttle wheel
Shuttle spring loaded shuttle wheel is rubberized for an easy grip and
allows for multi speed scanning both forwards and backwards along your timeline.

Make It Your Own
With 15 programmable buttons, your most regularly used tools or macros are
always on hand when you need them. A label sheet is also included, allowing you to
label the buttons as you wish.

Fast & Intuitive
By using a mouse with one hand and ShuttlePRO v2 with the other, audio and video
editing is simpler than ever.

With a click of a button, you can trim videos, apply photo effects, or add audio markers without the need for your
keyboard. ShuttlePRO v2 offers the ability to store macros, making it a perfect companion for applications such
as Adobe Photoshop, where complex, repetitive actions may be required.

Technical Specifications

Device width______________________  4.25 in (10.8 cm)
Device depth______________________  7.69 in (19.53 cm)
Connection Cable___________________  USB
Customizable_____________________    Yes
Driver needed_____________________   Yes
Warranty________________________   2 years from date of purchase
Compatibility_____________________    Mac and PC

The Smart Tool

ShuttlePRO v2 can detect the application you’re using and switch settings automatically; a great feature if you
are using multiple apps in a single project.

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