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Arkon GN010VHB-1.5 inch Adhesive Car Mount for Garmin nuvi 40, 50, 200, 2013, 24×5, 25×5 Series GPS

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Arkon’s GN010VHB adhesive mount is compatible with Garmin nuvi devices having the 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern, including models in the 40, 50, 200, 2013, 24×5, and 25×5 Series, as well as Garmin nuvi models 1450, 1450T, 1490T, 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1350, 1350T, 1370T, and 1390T. This mount is also compatible with Garmin car mounting bracket holders having the 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern. (Arkon offers several of these car mounting bracket holders specific to a particular Garmin GPS. See models GN-BKT50, GN-BKT40, GN-BKT25X5, GN-BKT24X5, GN-BKT2013, and GN-BKT1400.) This package includes the 1.5” Adhesive Mount with VHB adhesive only. This low-profile mount can be placed on any flat surface, including car dashboards or consoles, computer monitors, or table tops. Mount using the durable 3M VHB adhesive. (Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before securing the base of the mounting pedestal to the center of the disk for best results.) WARNING: Use caution and discretion when adhering GN010VHB to your car dashboard or other flat surface. This disk uses 3M VHB adhesive, which is designed to be a PERMANENT solution. Use of this disk may result in permanent adherence to the selected surface. Professional strength solvents or tools may be helpful in removing the adhesive. Arkon is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle or other surface due to the installation of this mounting disk. For an adhesive mount with semi-permanent bonding strength, see Arkon Model GN010.



  • Compatible with Garmin nuvi devices with 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern
  • Low-profile mount can be placed on any flat surface, including car dashboards
  • Extra-strength 3M VHB adhesive mount recommended for fleets and service vehicles
  • 2 year limited warranty