Anker E8220311

Anker Eufy Security Doorbell slim 1080p wifi home phone.

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Anker Eufy Video home phone 2K

From ANKER, a leading brand for mobile accessories
– Faster and safer charging with advanced technology
– 30 million + satisfied users

Home phone with built-in 1080 sensor
The built-in 1080p high-quality lens provides you with an overview of high-definition activities. That way, you can always be sure who’s standing at the door.

No monthly
costs All Eufy products are designed to protect your home and are friendly to your wallet. All your data is stored at your local station, which means you’ll never have to pay for cloud storage.

Battery power
The battery in the home phone will provide 120 days of continuous operation with one charge.

of view, The increased ratio of 4:3 ensures that you get a head-to-toe view of each one that approaches the home phone.

Smart activity
detection Through Eufy Security, you’ll have a complete look at what activities the home phone will detect using the motion sensor. Receive alerts in real-time as soon as someone shows up. That way, you’ll never miss the delivery.

Universal base station
You can also connect other Eufy security products, such as Eufy cameras, to the universal base station, which will further protect your home.

: – FULL HD resolution
1080p –
Image ratio 4:3 –
Memory in the base station – card
must be added – Data encryption:
AES-256 – Wifi: 2.4GHz – Mobile time: up to 120 days with one battery charge
– you do not need a base station to operate.

In the kit:

1x video home phone 1080p
1x internal unit (bell + recording unit)

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