Anker A83120A1

Anker PowerExpand+ USB C on HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz

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Anker PowerExpand+ USB C on HDMI Adapter 4K/60Hz
Anker PowerExpand+ allows you to connect your devices with USB-C output to video and audio devices.

From ANKER, a leading
brand for mobile accessories – Faster and safer charging with advanced technology
– 30 million + satisfied users Top-notch

colors HDMI adapter allows you to connect to any TV or HDMI port screen to play video up to 4K resolution.

Immediately change the
plug-and-play USB-C port of your laptop or phone to an HDMI port without installing the driver.

Cutting-edge manufacture Lightweight aluminum housings allow for greater heat drainage, while the reinforced knitted nylon cable is designed to be resistant to daily twisting and pulling.

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