Startect DKT30CHVCM

Adaptador Multipuertos USB-C 4K con HDMI, VGA, Ethernet Gigabit y USB 3.0 – Mini Docking Station USB Tipo C de Viajes a HDMI de 4K o VGA 1080p

Ideal for “mobile” users, this USB-C with HDMI and VGA multiport adapter offers you flexibility in video outputs. As if it were four adapters in one, with HDMI or VGA connections, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB 3.0 port, all through a connection to the USB-C port of your laptop. In addition, it includes a hidden cable that allows better cable management and facilitates portability when traveling / commuting.

Thanks to the simple plug-and-play installation system available in most operating systems, the USB-C adapter does not require driver software. It’s the ideal accessory for your MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Chromebook, or other USB-C equipped laptop.


  Make presentations by connecting an HDMI or VGA display in a boardroom or classroom

  Ideal accessory for the laptop of mobile users

  Convenient travel port replicator when working in a hotel room.

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