Startech UUSBMUSBMF-Best Price In India

Mini USB to Micro USB Adapter – 1x MicroUSB-B Male – 1x MiniUSB-B Female

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The Micro USB to Mini USB 2.0 Adapter, UUSBMUSBMF has a Micro USB male (type B) and a Mini USB female connector – a practical, efficient and economical solution that allows you to use older Mini USB cables to synchronize and charge new Micro devices. USB such as BlackBerry® or Android-based cell phones.

Providing versatility and durability, the Micro USB to Mini USB adapter avoids the hassles of having to carry numerous cables to adapt the different types of connection of USB devices (Micro USB / Mini USB), and is backed by the Warranty of Lifetime of StarTech.com.

Allows you to use Mini USB cables with Micro USB devices

The StarTech.com Advantage
Allows you to easily convert Micro USB connections to Mini USB 2.0
Allows you to use mini USB cables with micro USB devices.

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