Startech USBDUP15

Standalone 1: 5 USB Flash Drive Cloner and Eraser – USB Drive Copier

The OnetoFive USB Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser, model USBDUP15, enables fast cloning of up to five USB memory drive backups, or securely erasing up to five USB memory drives, offline with a host computer.

Maximum Portability
The compact and lightweight design of this USB (Flash) memory duplicator / eraser allows it to be taken anywhere, plus its standalone operation does not require a host computer and takes up little space, which is ideal when traveling. Perfect for distributing software and marketing content in office settings or on the go.

Hassle-Free Operation
Its easy-to-read LCD screen, in addition to its easy operation thanks to its intuitive 4-button menu, guarantees the simplicity of configuration and control of the USBDUP15. The menu provides push-button access to a variety of value-added functions that facilitate task management; for example: capacity and speed check, compare and copy, asynchronous copy, etc. It also offers several advanced configuration options for expert users.

Updating and distribution of software and operating systems
Distribution and creation of copies of marketing material
Distribution and copying of multimedia content.

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