Startech USB3AAEXT3M-Best Price In India

3m Active SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable – USB A Male to Female – Black

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The 3m USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable, USB3AAEXT3M features a USB Type A (male) connector and a USB Type A (female) connector that provide active extension of USB 3.0 devices up to 12 meters (40 feet). An all-in-one cable to overcome distance restrictions as well as power supply limitations; The USB 3.0 extension cable incorporates a bus-active circuit that ensures performance beyond the length limits set for standard USB cables. Up to 4 of these cables can be daisy-chained, resulting in a 12 meter connection length. If necessary, the USB device can be powered from a wall outlet using the Universal AC adapter supplied with the cable. The extension cable (USB Extender), USB3AAEXT3M supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, and is backed by a StarTech.com 2-Year Warranty.

Extend the connection distance of USB peripherals beyond the 3 meter limitation of USB 3.0
Cascading connections on up to 4 levels
Backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 devices

The StarTech.com Advantage
Allows you to extend the connection distance of a USB 3.0 device by up to 3m (10ft) or to cascade connections in up to 4 levels reaching a length of 12m (40ft)
Powered directly from the USB port or via the Universal external power adapter supplied with the product.

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