Startech USB2VGAE3

USB to VGA External Video Adapter – External Graphics Card Cable – 1920×1200

The USB2VGAE3 External Video Adapter for Multiple USB to VGA Monitors allows you to add a high-resolution external VGA output (1920×1200) to your desktop or laptop computer via an available USB 2.0 port.

An efficient and cost-effective solution for systems that lack the outputs needed to perform a multi-monitor installation, this high-performance USB to VGA adapter can be used to clone your main screen by displaying the same image on two screens or extending the desktop to duplicate your workspace.

This compact design USB Video Adapter can be used with up to 4 (5 in total) additional USB2VGAE3 USB video adapters, creating multiple VGA connections to add screens quickly and easily – all without having to open the computer case to add additional graphics cards.

You can add a secondary display adapter and enlarge the desktop screen without disarming the computer to install a new video card
Ideal for adding multiple monitors/projectors (up to 5) to your computer using a USB2VGAE3 device for each additional screen
Useful for viewing numerous and extensive spreadsheets across multiple screens

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