Startech USB2TYPEH2M-Best Price In India

2m USB A male adapter cable to H barrel type connector

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Tired of having to carry a wall adapter to charge your 5V devices, such as some external hard drives, media players, or Bluetooth® speakers?

This 2-meter USB power cable makes it easy to charge 5V DC devices that have an H-type barrel power connector (OD: 3.4mm, ID: 1.3mm). You can charge the devices through a USB port on your laptop or desktop.

The USB2TYPEH2M charger is expertly designed and manufactured using high-quality materials, backed by a StarTech.com Lifetime Warranty.

Provide power to your external hard drive or other devices equipped with a Type H power connector, through an available USB port on your computer
Charge your Bluetooth speakers and other rechargeable devices through an available USB port on your computer.

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