Startech USB2SDC3M-Best Price In India

3m Adapter Cable USB Dock Connector for Samsung Galaxy Tab – Black – USB A Male

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The 30-pin to USB dock connector cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab USB2SDC3M offers 3 meters of cable length, so you can stay connected while charging your tablet. It’s an ideal solution for tight schedules, allowing you to access the device even while it’s plugged into the desktop / laptop charger.

For convenient charging and syncing, the USB / dock connector cable can be plugged into a computer’s USB port for data transfers or charging while you’re working; it can also be connected to a USB power adapter for simple charging from an available (wall) outlet.

Backed by our lifetime warranty, the Samsung Galaxy Tab ™ Dock to USB Cable is designed and manufactured for maximum durability, making it a reliable replacement for damaged or lost sync cables.

Extra / replacement cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab
Charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab from: a computer, USB wall charger, or USB car charger
Synchronize data between Samsung Galaxy Tab and your PC or laptop.

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