Startech USB2PCARBK-Best Price In India

2-Port USB Car Charger – High Power (17 Watt / 3.4 A)

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The USB2PCARBK Dual-Port USB Car Charger features two USB 2.0 ports and works with an AUX car power socket, allowing you to simultaneously charge two mobile devices while commuting to work or on the go.

With a 1A port for charging a smartphone or iPhone, and a 2.4A port for charging an iPad or other tablet, the right charge is always available for all mobile devices. Having a second USB charging port means that two phones, both your own and another passenger’s, can be charged in the car simultaneously in order to have the devices ready for use. In addition, the passenger who is carrying out the load will be able to send text messages, work or play with their device while it finishes charging.

This durable USB charger is backed by a StarTech.com two-year warranty and offers reliable performance.

Charging an iPad or tablet via the 2.4A USB 2.0 port
Charging a smartphone or iPhone via the 1A USB 2.0 port
Charge two phones simultaneously

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