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2 Port USB Wall Charger for Tablets and Cell Phones – White High Power Travel Charger

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Are you planning an international business trip or vacation? Now you can keep your mobile devices charged when traveling or on the go, without having to worry about whether the adapter you use at home will work in another country. This versatile travel charger includes interchangeable power connectors that allow you to connect and charge your devices virtually anywhere in the world.

Also, you can charge two devices simultaneously. This wall charger with two USB ports allows the simultaneous charging of two mobile devices, in order to avoid waiting for one device to finish fully charging before the other can be charged.

2 port USB international wall charger charging a tablet and a phone

For international travel: universal power adapter
The wall charger includes a universal power adapter, which allows connection to virtually any electrical outlet in the world. Therefore, it does not matter where you travel, because without a doubt you can charge your mobile devices in any country and have them ready for use.

Simultaneous charging: two USB charging ports
With a 1A port for charging your cell phone or iPhone, and a 2.4A port for charging your iPad or other tablet, the correct charging current is always available for all your mobile devices. Whether you’re charging two phones at the same time, or a phone and a tablet, you can definitely have your mobile devices ready and charged when you need them.

Compact, lightweight and portable design
This portable USB wall charger includes a North American plug that can be conveniently carried inside your laptop sleeve, purse, backpack, or any carry bag, making it the perfect mobile accessory. In addition, you can take the appropriate international connector for the country of destination with you and voila!

Once you arrive at your destination, you can switch connectors and immediately start charging your device at the same airport, hotel room, or wherever you find an outlet.

The USB2PACWH adapter offers reliable performance, backed by a StarTech.com two-year warranty.

Note: Some mobile devices from brands such as Samsung and BlackBerry use their own power connectors that are not compatible with the latest generation chargers. Consult the manufacturer’s documentation to ensure compatibility with the USB2PACWH adapter.

Charging an iPad or tablet through the 2.4A USB 2.0 port
Charging a smartphone or iPhone through the 1A USB 2.0 port
Charge two phones simultaneously.

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