Startech USB2EXT4P15M

15m Active USB 2.0 Extender Cable with 4-Port Hub – USB Extension with 4-Port Hub

The active USB 2.0 extension cable (15 meters), model USB2EXT4P15M, includes an integrated 4-port hub that allows the connection of up to 4 USB 2.0 devices, while reducing distance restrictions and power supply limits.

This active USB 2.0 extension cable guarantees performance beyond the limits of conventional USB cables with a length of 5 meters. Ideal when you need to extend the connection distance of USB peripherals, allowing their connection at a distance of up to 15 meters from the host computer.

In addition, the cable allows you to maximize the number of devices connected to the computer, since up to 4 devices can be connected through a single connection. For added utility, the cable includes a 2A power adapter to provide power to the 4 connected USB devices.

The USB2EXT4P15M cable supports full 480Mbps USB 2.0 bandwidth, and is backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty.

Connect 4 USB 2.0 devices to a computer, using a single cable
Extend the connection distance of USB peripherals beyond the 5 meter limitation of USB 2.0

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