Startech USB2DVIMM6

External Video Adapter USB to DVI Converter – External Graphics Card Cable – 1920×1200

The USB to DVI External Video Adapter Cable (USB2DVIMM6) offers a simple solution for connecting multiple monitors, transforming a USB 2.0 port into a DVI video connection. This 6-foot USB Display Adapter is a complete solution ready to use immediately as it brings the necessary cables for a connection built into the adapter. Simply install the drivers and connect it to your computer and the screen. Thanks to the built-in cables, the installation of the USB2DVIMM6 is easier and the inconveniences caused by forgetting a cable are avoided.

Instead of opening your computer to install a specialized video card that can accommodate a multi-screen configuration, use the USB2VGAMM6, which will save you time and inconvenience by operating as an external USB video card.

Multiple USB2DVIMM6 adapters (up to 5 in total) can be used on a single system in order to provide multiple duplicate screens or expanded desktops – an efficient, cost-effective, and convenient option that allows you to connect multiple VGA monitors to virtually any laptop or desktop computer.

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