Startech USB2ADC1MUR

Charger Cable 1m Dock Connector Apple Connector 30 Pins to USB Right Angle iPod iPhone iPad

The Apple® Dock Cable (30-pin) to USB Lined Right for iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®, USB2ADC1MUR (1m) offers a simple and reliable solution for connecting iOS-enabled mobile digital devices to your computer to sync or charge .

The angled USB connector on the right allows connection in tight spaces, while the exclusive stepped Apple Dock connector from StarTech.com connects to the iPhone, iPod or iPad, even when it’s in the case, avoiding the hassle of having to remove it every time. once it will load.

This durable cable has been manufactured to Apple MFi standards and offers reliable performance, backed by Startech.com’s lifetime warranty.

StarTech.com also offers a USB2ADC1MUL (USB2ADC1MUL), which allows the same ease of installation as this cable at right angles, but allows you to connect, in the opposite direction, the PC or Mac®, or the USB charger (powered by plug wall or vehicle).

Charge your Apple® devices from a computer, USB wall charger, or USB car charger
Ideal for replacing a damaged or worn USB cable on your iPhone® / iPod® / IPAD®.

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