1 Port PoE Injector Kit – 60W – PoE Splitter

This 60W PoE Power Injector + PoE Multiplier Kit includes a 60W PoE (Power over Ethernet) Power Injector, for adding PoE over PoE.

Ultra Power over Ethernet (PoE), 60W
Compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt standard and supporting up to 60 watts of power over PoE, it allows you more than just powering your IP phone or wireless router. 60W of power over PoE allows you to power devices that require high energy consumption, such as thin client computers, POS systems, laptops or digital signage, from up to 100 meters away.

Easy to install
Both the PoE injector and the PoE multiplier are easily configured. With plug-and-play installation, it has a compact all-in-one design, as well as a durable metal wall-mount enclosure. The front panel 12V / 19V / 24V DIP switch on the PoE multiplier provides 24V DC power to industrial equipment or 12V / 19V DC output (nominal) to common network devices, increasing the number of applications of products.

Network I / O from StarTech.com
StarTech.com offers products that extend your networks to remote locations at extreme distances, allowing for maximum scalability. Product backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime multilingual technical support from North America.

PoE-powered cameras with pan / tilt zoom
Thin Clients (Computers)
All-in-one touchscreen computer.

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