Startech ST4CU424-Best Price In India

4 Port USB Charging Station – 48W / 9.6A

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This USB charging station offers a high-power solution that enables you to keep your devices charged and ready for use. It is compatible with a wide variety of tablets and smartphones, and includes built-in security mechanisms to help protect your mobile devices from damage.

High power recharge
The charging base can deliver 48 watts of total power, also supplying 2.4 amps of current per port, which means that you can charge four tablets at a time, and that each port can supply the current that your devices need.

One charger for all your mobile devices
The charger is compatible with the standard for USB battery charging version 1.2 (USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2), which ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Microsoft® Surface ™ tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab ™, Android ™ devices and more.

Dedicated charging station
This all-in-one charger is perfect for charging multiple devices during boardroom or conference room meetings. It gives you and your co-workers access to a charger when needed. Additionally, by consolidating your USB devices into a single multi-port USB charger, it offers an efficient, space-saving solution by avoiding the use of multiple outlets or power strips.

Its compact metal case is extremely durable and includes a built-in on / off button that enables or disables all ports for easy operation. For added flexibility, the charging station includes a bracket for wall installations.

Protection for your devices
The USB charging station includes built-in safety mechanisms to ensure that all your devices are protected against damage from overheating, overcharging, overvoltage, or short circuits. If the 48 watt limit is exceeded, the current supplied to the connected devices will be interrupted and the charger will reset until the charge is reduced and reaches safe levels.

The charger also includes an LED indicator next to each port, which will notify you if a short circuit occurs, while the affected port will shut down until you turn the charger off and on again.

Recharge up to four mobile devices at the same time
Use in test or help desk environments to simultaneously charge multiple tablets, smartphones, or other USB devices
Recharge and deploy a fleet of tablets for use by mobile sales staff.

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