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2.5 Hard Drive Hot Swap Tray

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This 2.5 “hard drive tray allows even more flexibility in managing your data storage with the SATSASBP425 and SATSASBP125 series backplanes.

This 2.5 ” hard drive interchangeable tray

Convenient interchangeable drive tray
This extra drive tray saves you time in fast paced environments. It is interchangeable with StarTech.com’s 1-bay backplane (SATSASBP125) and 4-bay backplane (SATSASBP425) trays, offering an extra tray in addition to existing trays to create expandable storage or as part of a rotary backup solution.

Easy compatibility
The drive tray supports both SAS and 2.5 “SATA drives, which can be 5 to 15mm high. To get the most out of your hard drives, the 1-bay and 4-bay backplanes bays are compatible with SAS II and SATA III drives, offering file transfer speeds of up to 6Gbps, when paired with a compatible controller.

Metal design with ventilation, more durable
This durable aluminum tray is designed for long-term performance. Ventilation ensures adequate air circulation and maximum heat dissipation to keep your units operating at optimum temperature.

Be prepared with several replacement units for the SATSASBP125 and SATSASBP425 mobile rack backplanes
Keep your spare or replacement hard drives on hand for storage expansion
Use the extra hard drive tray as rotating backup solutions.

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