1: 1 SATA and SAS 3.5 / 2.5 Disk Drive Eraser and Duplicator

This self-contained drive eraser and duplicator is compatible with both SATA and SAS drives, making it an ideal solution for enterprise and data center storage applications. Compatible with both 2.5 “and 3.5” form factor sizes, it is a versatile and economical drive management solution.

High speed drive duplication
Using the drive duplicator, you can clone 1: 1 SATA or SAS drives at speeds up to 13GB per minute. It offers IT professionals and system administrators a powerful tool to manage drives effectively, in the case of back-end server infrastructures or drives distributed to employees of an organization. It contributes to a more efficient workflow by allowing duplication tasks to be completed without the need for a computer or software. You can quickly back up and archive data, duplicate it to create disk images, or transfer content to additional drives for business professionals, government or medical personnel, and other employees.

The drive duplicator / eraser offers four duplication modes, including “System and File”, “All Partitions”, “Sector-by-Sector (Whole Drive)” (sector by sector, full unit) and “Percentage Copy”.

Improves drive management in enterprise storage and data center applications
Ideal for IT professionals and system administrators who need to quickly access files for backup and archiving, duplicate data for disk images, or transfer content to additional drives
Erase private or confidential information with certainty: ideal solution for companies and organizations where confidentiality is essential, such as legal and medical data.

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